Total Supply: 100 Million BCG TOKENS


The Core Team owns 40% and the Community 60%.

3.8% (3,800,000 million tokens) will be distributed to the first buyers of our ADAMON CNFTs characters.


1 VOODOO TEDDY BEAR you will recieve ≈ 12.54 BCG Token.


1 HYDRA you will recieve ≈ 1.254 BCG Token.

BCG holders receive 10% of our net profit as ADA dividends on the first Monday of each month.

Circulation Supply: 3.800.000 BCG

Net Profit: ≈ 200.000 ADA ==> 20.000 ADA Pool

If you own 3800 BCG the Payment will be 2ADA.


Policy ID: 407e4cd13b794f327a5fe01c1913bff39118d843891c25f4bba165e9 Asset: asset1kexcc3ewj76ymm3zs9jzzzdrsghj8dzzlh36z9 

What are dividends ?

Investors participate in the company's profits. Dividends enable a steady income.

Why does a company pay dividends?
The owners of the TOKEN should participate in the commercial success of the corporate strategy. The dividend is paid per TOKEN. The company intends to use the money to retain its shareholders and gain new shareholders. Last but not least, the company itself (including its employees) benefits from increasing demand for its shares and a rising share price.