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Token supply: The total token supply for
BlockchainGames is 100,000,000

Check our Token Policy

Community: 60%

IGO*: 56.2%

ADAMON: 3.8% 

Development Fund: 10% 

Partnerships: 2.5% 

Core Team: 27.5%

Team members: 20%

Investors: 4.5% 

Public Sale: 3% 

*Initial Game Offering

Tokenomics blockchaingames.PNG


BCG Holder Advantages: 

10% of the profits from a year period are collected in the community wallet. 
These are distributed at the beginning of each year as dividends between BCG holders according to their % share of the circulation supply.  

-> What are dividends ?

Investors participate in the company's profits. Dividends enable a steady income.

-> Why does a company pay dividends?
The owners of the TOKEN should participate in the commercial success of the corporate strategy. The dividend is paid per TOKEN. The company intends to use the money to retain its shareholders and gain new shareholders. Last but not least, the company itself (including its employees) benefits from increasing demand for its shares and a rising share price.

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